Author’s note: this article is a WIP (work in progress), being written as you read it! As my original 1961 Gibson SG Standard was stolen from me years ago, I’ve recently bought a replacement for it (please see here). Over the years I’ve been collecting individual parts in order to re-build one, a so-called Project Guitar (i.e. a guitar that you assemble yourself). I found this old wood body that was claimed to be 1961, but now I doubt that it is (the giveaway being the neck joint).

273__1024x768_img_0667Mid 60s neck joint

This neck joint looks rather identical to a 1963/1964, and so does the body. I didn’t have too much time to study every single detail, but it really does appear to be a 1964 SG. That’s “ no big deal” as the body was cheap and so are most of the other original and replica replacement components. So, this picture shows what little I started with: body2v I’ve added all the other parts, including the sideways vibrola, and PAFs (replica PAF’s): ch6d0410159007334310024287 ch6d0411 ch6d0412_0 ch6d0409_0 Note of the author for the more ‘particular’ reader: these articles on SoloDallas’ gear are not intended to be egotistical, neither am I intending to show off. They are for passion, documentation/information and sharing pleasure with those who have a similar interest. Thanks for your trust and understanding, SD Article adaptation by Robert Taylor