1966 Gibson SG Standard

So if you remember that ebay watch post, this one is one of those guitars I had suggested you (and myself, naturally) for purchase.

Contrary to the general trend, I am more and more inclined towards “issue” or extremely well played, battered guitars. That doesn’t mean I don’t like other types of guitars, such as mint vintage or even new, but my preference is slowly drifting to battered vintage.

Why? We discussed a bit the matter on these pages already, but every chance is a good one to reiterate: they sound and play well, if you pick them smartly and then make of them your next project (you take care of them, fix them, complete some missing parts if needed/desired, set them up, … ).

So this one was extremely battered. It actually is, as you can see for yourself by these pictures.

I am leaning towards dating this one as a 1966 – serial number being 800882 – instead of 1967, but it may be a ’67. The features on this one are exactly the same as my 1967.

What is notable on this guitar is an attempt – it works well, so the guitar is staying this way – at eliminating the vibrola (Lyre) while retaining the metal cover for added metal resonance and look.

The guitar is extremely light and resonant. The bridge pickup is not original, it may be a Di Marzio, and it sounds really, really good. The other pickup should be an original patent number. Both came uncovered. Actually, the only modification I made to this guitar was to get rid of the strap locking things that came with it, and put some replica ones (not even visible in the pictures, where they are absent) and install 009s instead of 10s.

I like this guitar so much that it is staying this way. Action is super low, amazingly low, even lower than my lowest one to this day, the Angus Young Signature.






Also notable, the typical 1966/1967 and 1968 heel type.