This video is simply a “pilot”, i.e., a promo video. A test, basically.

I intend to post a few videos, for a total of circa 14 SGs (all my relevant ones) to test differences among them. Providing in fact, wiring images (one for each guitar), type of wiring and a few addtional specs/per guitar.

Specifically. every SG current action (I like the action quite low on SGs), Bridge Pickup DC resistance measurement and a little more tidbits.

All done with the same amp – for now, the 1959 – at the same identical settings, same microphone positioning, same EQ post etc.

This is just a pilot. I used it to verify quite a lot of new technology, including the new multicore MacPro and a new video editing tool that actually (finally) works with multicores, allowing me to process video much more quickly (imagine that at times, my video processing was 4 hours per video: unbearable. I was now able to bring for these 10 minutes computing time down to 8 minutes).

I am not sure whether I will keep the plexi panels around the cabinet. I think the sound is good, but still a bit “boxy”. Listen closely and tell me what you think. Although all nuances are probably very evident now, I can’t choose.

Video quality is not top notch, since I did a couple of mistakes 😛

Sequenceblackie720 from SoloDallas on Vimeo.

I started with “Blackie” as I changed its bridge pickup. After some initial fighting with the wiring, which was rather odd, having been modified previously, I was able to nail the original wiring (simply copying it from another SG) and now it’s back to “stock late ’60s wiring”. Which is not ’50s wiring. We’ll talk about it.