1969 Gibson SG Custom

This one is definitely an issue guitar. While I hadn’t purchased it “broken” yet, it did break during shipping. It came broken in two as shown in this earlier post.

The guitar was fixed in one day at my friend Luca’s Cloe Guitars where it also was PLEK’d. Frets were left on, as they still had quite some life in them.

This guitar seems to have an older Di Marzio in the bridge position, and it sports a complicated circuit with a microswitch visible on the main body among the volume/tone knobs that can select single coils/humbuckers. It’s such a useful characteristic that it has stayed. Also, while I thought the guitar wasn’t wired ’50s wiring, it is. It was a mistake of mine: the bridge pickup volume can be perfectly rolled off while retaining clarity (an audio and video sample of this guitar is here). It will depend on the amp used the effect. Also, the bridge pickup needed to be raised up as it has lost – due to time and usage – some magnetic properties and high output.