1969 Gibson SG Standard #3

It seems like I am “amassing” 1969 SGs, but I am really not. I am just choosing some characteristics. This one is in fairly good condition, but the reason that pushed me was the neck heel. For the most part, this guitar has 1968 specs (see pics below), which makes it different and maybe a little more desirable to me (because of how I am getting used to the ’66. ’67 and ’68s neck profiles and low action).

Wider cutaways, heel, neck are all ’68 specs. Headstock is the giveaway for this one, as the logos are both ’69 unmistakeably.

It didn’t play “well” at first, upon opening up its original case. Strings were 010s, stiff. Reason was the bridge and its saddles. It simply didn’t work well. But the neck is perfect. So I simply put a TonePros replacement part and 009s, and now it really sings. The wood on this one is very resonating.

Humbuckers are both original t-tops, though they are quite low powered probably because they lost some magnetic properties. So I raised the heck up of the bridge pickup – including the screws, all the way up – and now I plays and sounds like I want her to.