1969 Gibson SG Standard (Number Two)

This is the second 1969 Gibson SG Standard I own. Note: this article is being currently written/edited. Please bear with me, thanks, SD Frankly, I had bought this one being fooled into believing it was a mint example of a 1968 Gibson SG. My lack of knowledge at the time, induced me to believe the vendor claim. The vendor - and the guitar - had a matching 1968 Gibson serial number and the pot codes dating exactly to 1968. Only later I would find out that much of the potentiometers (pots) of 1969 and following years had been purchased and stored away by Gibson in previous years. They were using what was available to them. Still, "pot codes" (numbers, codes written on the top or side of the potentiometers) serve a good purpose - strictly together with other features - to checking the approximate or exact year of production of a guitar. But never be fooled by one single correspondence: all of the appointments must be met when purchasing a vintage instrument of supposed value, as advertised by often not-all.knowing vendors or worse, fraudulent ones. The giveaway for this one, is the neck joint (THIS is a 1969 neck joint, not earlier): 69sg2 Here's a close up of the front body: 5 In the above image, a few items stick out as typical, late '60s SG Standard details: large pick-guard, "witch-hat" tone and volume knobs, Maestro "Lyre" Vibrola (better than the sideways but still a disastrous item, functionally), nylon saddles bridge and Gibson T-Top Pickups. Also of note, the progressively shallower cutaway carvings (compare with carvings of a 1968 Gibson SG and a 1961 Gibson SG). A few more images with different lighting: 3 9 8 7 6 1 2 Note of the author for the more ‘particular’ reader: these articles on SoloDallas’ gear are not intended to be egotistical, neither am I intending to show off. They are for passion, documentation/information and sharing pleasure with those who have a similar interest. Thanks for your trust and understanding, SD