So, it says Angus loved these right? Those damned 100 watters, no Master Volume. Right. It says he “only” wanted those, he only liked those, he only blah blah blah.

Okay. Found. Incoming (you know, once you know the record of your life has it on it, I’m not going to save on things. These will be more and more vintage – and expensive – as time goes by. As the word spreads that Back in Black was made with these – and not BiB only! As Back in Black prepares to be Album number ONE in history for sales, of any genre).

A Super Gentleman – probably Scottish? – had one for sale, but not on eBay. NO mods whatsoever.Better – way better, money wise – deal than each one of the previous two (one still incoming, the 50 watters MV is at the customs, I’m told). Condition wise it’s excellent as you can tell. All of the three recently purchased look more or less this good. I’m not one who cares for exterior condition, but on amps, it is a good sign of them having been treated well. And amps NEED to work well.

This was the accompanying text:

After much soul searching I’ve decided to sell my Marshall JMP MK II Superlead. I don’t need to tell you just how great this classic Marshall sounds and this is quite an aggressive sounding example. This amp was recently given a thorough overhaul by John Phillips (probably Scotland’s top amp tech), who hardwired the speaker outputs to 8 or 16 ohm to avoid problems caused by the old style impedance selectors falling out in amps of this age. Other than that it’s original and in excellent condition.

See it here (pictures courtesy of seller for now):

So basically, this is the EXACT same model (unsure about the year, naturally) as Angus’ back then. But the same amp type for sure. Wait for me, Ang, I’m going to try to get there, too!

You know you will hear it. This one will need an attenuator.

(Thanks, Camillo!)