2009 Gibson “Dusk Tiger”

What. Sorry? Didn’t hear you well. What is it? You think it’s horrible looking? I hear you. I know. Most of the interwebz find this item horrible looking. But don’t mind me, I’m a freak of nature: I LOVE how it looks. And how it feels. And how it plays.

I think contemporary Gibson production is doing really good things. There, I said it. Kill me now.

Jokes apart, this guitar is really unique. “Only” 1000 were made, and this is number xxxxxx.

It’s relatively light weight – but not too much, not in the likes of the R8s reissues, despite the fact that this guitar – too – is chambered.

So this makes it three chambered Les Pauls in my possession. And I really am proud of having these.

I like it a lot tone wise, too. I am not too crazy about the “robot” thing, the self-tuning system. I don’t use it much, but at times I am forced to it. It doesn’t work 100% of the times, at times – with older strings for example – you’ll have to re-do it twice.

But apart from that – which I dig a bit, too – it really sounds cool and feels marvelous. The neck reminds me a LOT of a 1957 Junior Les Paul I used to own. It looks and feels identical. This neck and fretboard are so perfect that I kept the 010s string gauge on it, and I plan on using this gauge on this guitar. Also because, there is a piezo microphone in the guitar that will make it wholly acoustic or only partially acoustic, being able to mix the piezo signal with either of the two weird looking pickups.

These pickups are one burstbucker in the bridge and something else in the neck. You can pre-equalize them internally in the guitar – via provided software – and then select some different tones (it’s called the “chameleon” tone selection). I like this, too.

I used it for a while, and I have one video – roughly made – and one streaming audio file for you to check. Don’t expect too much yet, it’s only experimentation.




You will hear two acoustic guitars on the stereo sides and one solo guitar in the centre. All of the three were played with this guitar and the eleven rack.

Then another little playing, different “song”, here: