So, here I am, doing my debut right here on my space at
I wanted to do this with a classic of rock and roll, one piece I have been in love with since it came out: exactly 30 years ago (just a few days ago AC/DC announced the 30th anniversary of publication of Back in Black, July 1980).
So this video – and another one, tomorrow – want to be both a tribute to that astounding album – second best seller album of all times – and a new, fresh start for me here, with you all.
A lot more info are a-coming for this recording, please stay with me and come back later if you would. Please check back periodically for updates.

Thank you for watching this, I hope you will like this “right in your face” fresh performance from me,

SoloDallas 🙂

Technical Information

Backing Track is a multitrack recording of the Live AC/DC concert held in Donnington, circa 1992.

All Angus’ parts wer muted and replayed.

Two separate parts and recording sessions were used in this one.

Rhythm Track was recorded with an original, 1961 Gibson SG Standard (please see below for images).

Solo Track was recorded with an original, 1969 Gibson SG Standard.

Reason: to vary as much as possible both the sounds and the looks of the video. Mere experimentation, no particular reason.

The tone of the guitars was carefully recreated after the original tone of the 1980 Back in Black Studio Album.

An amplifier modeler was used for this recording, namely, the recent Avid “Eleven Rack” (soon to be covered with a review, link to be added here).

Special care was put in the choice of the Amplifier model, microphone model, reverb and delay, equalization and compression (in depth details to follow).

Audio Recorded with ProTools LE 8.0.4 and Eleven Rack.

Video Recoded with a Canon 5D MkII, 50mm f/1.2 lens for added depth of field.

Images and characteristics of the two guitars used in this video: