Back in Black tutorial from SoloDallas on Vimeo.

Okay, so the moment has come. One of the reasons I did this blog thing, was for this: tutorials.

Let’s concentrate from now on and for a good while, on AC/DC (tutorials-wise, I mean), “heroes” of Rock and Roll for many of us here. Will also do some other bands as time goes by.

As it was for my very first tutorial I did on YouTube, “Back in Black” was first, and I wanted to replicate this also here.

Mind you, it will be “intense” at times. You know there is much I try and tried to “transmit”, been trying do that for a long time. These things I am saying here are the same things I think of all the times, what I check on me for first, as I only tell what I know (or at least, what genuinely think I know). When I don’t know something, I simply say so.

It’s a long tutorial, and it’s “only” the rhythm part for now. It is circa 58 minutes long (yes, 58 minutes) so I believe it will be nearly impossible for anyone to see it all at once.

There was a lot I was meaning to say about this song and AC/DC’s style, however I hope it won’t be bothering. I have been criticized in the past for talking too much, and maybe there was some plain truth in this.

However, this is me (I think I can improve with your help here, though, so please move your critiques whenever you find it fitting) I tried to remain more concentrated on what happens in the song.

Solo Tutorial is coming shortly. Tutorials are going to be “exclusively” posted here at SoloDallas’. No other site will have them this time.

I hope you will enjoy this.