AC/DC's "Have A Drink On Me" (Metro Cover)

Some time passed huh? Thanks for staying with me!

Here’s a cover of “Have A Drink On Me” that George Metropoulos (MetroAmp Founder and Owner) has asked me to play along. The original backing track is played by George himself (with a Metro amp of his) and his band.

The original video (without my parts) can be found here:

I added some guitars on top of it. Rhythm and Solo, plus some other part “underneath”.

I played this one exclusively with a Metro JTM50, boosting channel one with a clean boost (no overdrive, just volume boost) to add some drive. A bit like Angus used to do with his Schaffer Vega. Result is as you hear it. Can be made better, no doubt. The guitar is a 1966/1967 “issue” Gibson SG Standard that sounds and plays like butter (you’ll still have to fight with it to resemble Angus’ tight playing).

I chose another camera angle for this one, as I wanted you to see a bit of the mess I play in! 😛

I hope you’ll enjoy. With this, I’ll revert to “posting mode”. Been away almost three full weeks… good to “see” you all again!

FIl 🙂