AC/DC's "Highway To Hell" New Series

Heh. I think I am getting closer.

Highway To Hell seems “easier” to get to in terms of tone replication. I am convinced strongly, more and more, that Angus recorded many parts with a Marshall 2203 or 2204.

This one was recorded with a 2204. One Microphone (AT4047) for the rhythm, two for the solo, but I had to change positions for the solos as it seemed that the solo was recorded off axis. So did I.

Now, a tutorial will come, a new one, for this one too. But I am pleased to ask you to notice WHERE I am playing the main riff: over the neck pickup.

I spent a good number of hours trying to figure out how Angus had been muted possibly on tape, when he was stopping the strings and changing positions (i.e., if you listen to the record, there is NO noise whatsoever of him moving into position for the riff chords). At first, I thought it had been edited, as it was so silent and I just couldn’t be as silent, putting my hand back on the bridge. So after a while I tried the most natural position that comes spontaneously to mute the strings while playing this: it was with the pick over the neck pickup. Not only did that completely solve the mystery (otherwise, you would have heard a lot of buzz while changing chords for the riff) but also, the SOUND changed for a good part, and for the better: it finally gave it an additional “raw-ness”, hard to describe, but it’s a fact. The strings are also softer on that spot, and rhythm chords bounce marvelously. So I made it a little mission to aim at the screws on the neck pickup lol. I was in heaven when I found out. Absolutely try this for yourself when you have a chance.

Guitar is also a first timer here, and it’s not catalogued either yet here (boy, didn’t have time). It’s a got a few issues on the fretboard, despite a re-fret job and a PLEK job, the D string “plinks” too much. Will have to send it back to the shop. Tone is great though, as you can hear. It’s a late ’68 early ’69.