Well, with the arrival of the Aracom PRX150 DAG (Power Attenuator) I can finally reach new heights. Why? Because this is a REAL attenuator, like I’ve never owned before (review coming soon). This attenuator – a passive one – lets me crank properly any amplifier power section – included the ones of MVs amps, such a 2203 or a 2204, as in the case with this video – and obtain finally proper sound. I know, I seem a bit too revolutionary, but please listen for yourself.

Technical Details.

The Aracom PRX150 DAG receives a cable from the amp and sends a cable to the cabinet (image coming soon). This way, it serves as a power/loudness attenuator for a tube amp.

The sound from the amp goes to the cabinet once it has been attenuated, retaining as much as possible the characteristics of transparency that most if not all attenuators on the market strive to provide. This way, I cranked the power section of a 2204 (50 watts Marshall JMP) to 6-8 (depending on the part to be played) with the preamp around 6-8 as well (depending on the part, rhythm or solos). Impressive. This is the way that one can reproduce decently true Marshall cranking at bedroom levels.

Cabinet was a 1960B with G12Ms. Two AT4047 Microphones used. Equalization was not dramatic this time, since the amp delivers better tone from the start (equalization curves to be added). A tad of reverb (Sonnox) and it was done.

Tutorial for this song coming soon.

Guitar is a recent acquisition, not yet catalogued here, another 1969 Gibson SG Standard.

The original track has been separated, and right channel has been muted (Angus). Then, the left side has been made mono, so now you have Malcolm in the centre.

I played on the right side (all to the right) the rhythm track, while solos are in stereo.

I think I am extremely close to “If You Want Blood” Angus’ tone. I won’t say to the whole “HighWay To Hell” Album, as I have to study the other songs. However, I may stretch to the point of saying that most if not all of the album was played with Marshall Master Volume amps. I can hear Angus clearly using some both on rhythm tracks and solos. Distinctive pre-amp tone!