Well, as much as Angus or Malcolm said they didn’t like Marshall Master Volumes of that era, they used them extensively, or at least live they did. I think – I am starting to think seriously – that they used them sometimes in the studio as well. I am conducting experiments to verify this, but it all takes time. It’s easier instead to prove it with original era videos. These are some of them for example. All JMPs, and likely, many 2203s (Marshall 100 Watt Master Lead MkIIs). Can be heard clearly in Angus’ tone, unmistakeably.

So when you wonder, “what a late ’70s Marshall JMP 2203/2204 sounds like?“. Well, this is IT.

Here for you are some of these videos, “remastered” it says, these are from YouTube:

High Voltage (one of their best performances of this song)

Highway To Hell

Sin City

Rocker. Notice how they start this one by tuning their guitars. Something that in the early days would happen frequently, and it makes us fairly happy to see that they both had tuning problems (watch Malcolm re-tune his guitar in the next video, “Let There Be Rock”, right after the song starts, while Bon is singing the verse, Malcolm is trying to re-tune):

Let There Be Rock (with Malcolm re-tuning the guitar)

There’s more, will post them ASAP