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Part Three

This video was shot in my former recording studio, Studio58a.

Technical notes:

Guitar used here: an older Gibson SG Angus Young Signature, the first series, with an AY signature pickup in the bridge position. A nice guitar that eventually I sold as I already had some vibrolas SGs.

The amplifier used here was an “Alessandro Beagle” head, 10 watts, 2 x EL84s, on my vintage 1969 4×12 1960A cabinet with original G12Ms in it. Still my best cabinet to this date. At the time, the cabinet had a non original red color. It was changed years later to green and now it’s being refinished into black (with original tolex).

At the time, I used to record these simply putting my laptop a few meters away and hit record on its own audio application. No multitracks, nothing. Simple audio/video recording with the laptop own internal microphone.

This song’s in the key of G. Chords G, C, D and Dsus4. This solo is beautiful, tuneful and melodic and is from the Gm pentatonic scale. For playing along with the album track it’s standard tuning.