Yep. I haven’t told you enough how it is important for me that our little community is so strong. Well I feel it as a strong one.

There’s a lot of talk about communitues here and there, social networks and all. And too often, it all comes down to daily gossip. Don’t it?

Not here, not at, no. Because here we talk about one or more things we all have in common. No, it’s not the gear, not alone, there’s more, it goes beyond it.

The gear is “instrumental” (nice use of words Fil), it can get us there in paradise. I am re-discovering that feeling I had had many years ago, when I started learning about timing. That brought me in a whole, different dimension musically. But now I needed that tone, because that music is as such because there is also that tone. Which tone (you point at me, wondering)?

This one, that one, on those records, right there.

– But Fil, “tone is in the hands”.

The heck it is. Not true. Well it is true to some extent, but then, answer this: why every artist is always looking to more gear? Inspiration, yes, true. More inspiration.

“Give Angus Young or any other great guitar player any guitar and they will sound like themselves, Fil”. True, but they much likely won’t play as good as you heard them on their most inspired musical pieces.

But I didn’t want to digress in this kind of talk here, this is just a part of it, maybe a big part, but it’s the emotional connection to that music that drives us. So you got the gear, you got the chops and you have to have the passion and the groove.

This is what is about, it’s always what i wanted it to be. And you out there, either you know it or not, are important to me. At times I feel like we were all – well the ones of us who talk with comments and all – around a table, maybe a bar table, sipping some coffe (I’m buying, Italian espresso for all) and exchange ideas, opinion, resources, sources. It’s working. I like it. No wait, I love it.

Thank you.

There, love message and group hug on a monday morninng.

Fil 🙂