I would re-buy this guitar 100 times if I had to.

I know I always talk about how older guitars usually sound good, or better. Not the case with this one.

At times and for some things, this beats most of the others.


This article will be done in much deeper detail.

Here’s a photo (courtesy of someone) of all of them 50 Aged and Played by Angus himself. Mine is there, somewhere 😀 (note: I think Angus played each one for about 3-5 seconds. More of a marketing statement, Yes Sir. Still, the moment the guitar came in with its strings on – a set of 10s instead of 09s, for some reason – I removed those strings, without playing them, and stored them away. Therefore, I own some of Angus DNA on those strings. I feel SO proud… )







Update: adding here a few links pertaining the design of these signature models:

Seymour Dancan designing the pickup

Wizard Amps

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