Aracom Amplifiers Features

Well, we’re honored to have Jeff (Aracom Products owner) feature us on a dedicated page at their website.

Aracom didn’t endorse us, I like to pay for great products since I have the chance to do so (and I am nowhere famous and never will be to get such a treatment). Jeff has many friends all over the world, and I am just one of them.

You can find our dedicated page here: SoloDallas’ at Aracom Products. Here’s Jeff’s own comment about us:

For quite sometime we have been a big fan of Filippo’s (Fil) work and “love” his guitar skills and his awesome tone. We were thrilled when Fil contacted ARACOM to purchase the PRX150-DAG attenuator. Fil has become quite well known througout the world with his guitar tutorial videos on YouTube that generated some 14 (fourteen) million video views and a few thousands subscribers. He has now created his own website, featuring his excellent video: Tutorials, Performance and Gear Reviews, all in HD Video.

Not only I am grateful for this, but really, I have to thank Jeff once again. For ages (probably decades) I have had the dream of being able to “crank up” Marshall amplifiers, despite the fact that I somehow did with master volume modifications and other attenuators in general. But I never – say again – never was really satisfied with any of those methods.

This attenuator – the PRX150-Pro – is really the only thing I have ever come across that really works, allowing me to learn even more about my own playing: it’s those subtle nuances that the great guitar players are known for, and those nuances are easier to find and learn with a great sound. The sound of Marshall through an Aracom Attenuator.

Thank you!

Fil 🙂