Introducing Metro Amps

Update as of Sep 16th 2010: George has provided internals images of my amp directly from his archive. If you wanted to peek into it, you’re served!

A few months ago, I started researching for another Amplifier Head. Reason was, I wanted to go even higher in quality and a sort of back to my vintage Marshall Heads. But didn’t want to go into vintage again

with amps: too many things to maintain to make the amp work.

So, I stumbled upon a known replica builder: George Metropoulos, the builder of the famous early design Marshall replicas “Metro Amps” (click here to go to George for more info)

George offers his amps both in kit form and completed. I wanted a completed one and got in touch with him.

I told George – kind and always professional – that I wanted a sort of “AC/DC” Marshall Head. Specifically, one that would capture the raw sound of Angus.

He said he could do it and we went on.

A few months went by and George sent me my amp.

Metro Amps are known among professional and amateurs as some of the best replicas of vintage Marshalls. George is a top notch professional that researched every detail on the older models and seems to have captured the magic of those early, older Marshall amplifier heads.

You can read a fascinating article of a group of people comparing several JTM45s, with the Metro basically the winner: 45 Degrees of Tone: The JTM45 Roundup

Here it is to you, today I received it and opened the box.

I will be posting a qualitative video/audio test with this in the following days. I shot a rough video of it today, but I have to check if it is worth posting (might post it here for us members only).

I will also be interviewing George here, an exclusive for us at soon.

Below, a close up of the head.


Invoice and wishing well by George.


Detail of the back of the chassis: a master volume (acts similarly to a cheap power attenuator). This way, also this amp – similarly to my 1987XL Marshall head – can be brought down to bedroom volume level.


Sitting on top of my Marshall 4×12 non slanted cabinet (Vintage 30s speakers inside)


Loading the EL34 tubes in it.




This one is the tuber rectifier. My 1987XL has a solid state rectifier, resulting in “stiffer” attack. I wanted a softer, mellower attack for this one.