It is with a certain pride that I present to you André (Jaiminho Pagina, aka JPKBlueser on YouTube) and myself collaborating together with this brand new clip.

This was my first collaboration ever.

André has been most professional. It really felt like a professional collaboration. Agreements on the song to play together were made immediately, then parts were played and I took care of the general mix (I re-mixed the whole thing, starting from the multitrack file: I specifically wanted to have more present drums, so I re-equalized the drum track a bit and compressed it to bring out the snare drum; as a result, the cymbals are a bit too much compressed, but there was no alternative, since the bass drum, snare drum, hihat and cymbals were all laid out together in a single already mixed down stereo track).

André did a splendid job with the video. I must say I loved what he’s done.

I wanted to play with a newer guitar myself here; no vintage or old wood. I think the result is very good on both accounts.

But André and myself will gladly let you judge yourself.

We certainly hope you will enjoy and benefit from this.

André is on the right, both visually and sonically (stereo position), SoloDallas on the left.

Additional rhythm guitar (centre position, solo part) by SoloDallas.

André played his part with his Gibson Les Paul Standard, and I played mine with a chambered Les Paul standard, a recent model (purchased it in 2007 I think).

SoloDallas chambered Les Paul was modified with TimBucker pickups (a replica of ’59 PAFs) and ’50s wiring (for clarity when rolling the volume off).

Bridge is TonePros and stopbar is a ’60s original stopbar. The guitar was PLEK‘d by Cloe Guitars

SoloDallas amplifier is a 1968 Plexi modeled into Eleven Rack. SoloDallas strings gauge is 009s-0.42 Ernie Ball Super Slinky and was recorded and mixed into ProTools LE 8.0.4

André had the following setup:

I used a 2009 Les Paul Standard 1958 Reissue (R8). No mods on it, except for a Schaller strap lock for Security’s sake.
The pickups are the stock Burstbuckers 1 and 2;
The “amp” was the JUMP patch from Guitar Rig 4, with the Control Room.
I called this preset “Koss Krunch” (XD). It was originally a reproduction of the Croydon gig from the “Free Live!” album.
I just made some changes to make it smoother for this song in special.

I must thank André one more time for this: it was great, great fun.

SD 😉