Keith Urban's Tour Rehearshal Video

I am not really into Keith Urban, that I need to let you know. So don’t be scared: is not going to turn into country lol

I have listened to several things of him, and it’s not exactly my style of music. However, some country-rock or rock and roll tunes by him may raise some interest.

What always should raise interest – because we learn from these people anyway – is technical aspects, production, arrangement, sounds, gear and also, in the case of Mr. Urban, a terrific positive attitude and approach. I know he used to have alcohol and drugs problems, which I really hope he’ll solve (or has solved): alcohol (I don’t drink) and drugs (I did some many years ago, so I tried: worst thing on the planet and NOT helping creativity-wise, despite the false myths about it) but he still seems a very good person.

Here I present a short clip of his rehearsals for touring. Good thing. Great place where to rehears, placement of the instruments, see how they are simulating to have an audience in front of them, with musicians already positioned, etc.

He’s playing a ’50s Goldtop with PAFs. I believe that guitar had gotten flooded and was completely soaking wet. Glad he was able to recover it.

Also, and I found this out the other day, the coincidence here is that Urban is a Kiwi! (New Zealand). Wife is Nicole Kidman, an Aussie!

Two more videos of his gear/guitar tech:

Part One

Part Two