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Today, I feel I can say a new era begins for tutorials. I.e., what this place was born to make.

Tutorial Video, Part One

intro2720 from SoloDallas on Vimeo.

Four tutorials will be released in total for this solo, one of the most classic, classic-rock-lick-rich solos in the history of rock and roll. One Tutorial per week for the next four weeks.

Part one is intended to introduce the first steps (and notes) into the solo, predominantly Gm Pentatonic.

Beginners note: playing minor licks over a major backing is what gives blues it’s characteristic weepy, deeply emotional feeling. See how the solo starts with bending the F at the 18th fret B string up to the (root) G at the 20th immediately creating tension and drama.

Note at 1:50, I need to clarify the chords. Not G, A# and C Major 7th, but G7, A#7 and C7. i.e All Dominant 7th’s of the Major family.

A single camera view is provided here, however, it is in high definition, 1280×720 footage of my guitar right in your face, try it full screen.

Audio was recorded professionally using two Audio Technica AT4047 condenser microphones, placed on a 1960B Marshall cabinet with 1977 Celestion G12Ms (25 watts) inside.

The guitar used in this first part is a 1968/1958 Gibson Les Paul called “The Husk“, loaded with real, 1959 Gibson PAFs.

Guitar was plugged into a 1976, original, Marshall Super Lead (100 watts) attenuated with a professional attenuator.

Enjoy yourself. Now it’s YOUR turn.

Thank you,


Introduction (spoken):

fbt1-2-720 from SoloDallas on Vimeo.

Some Technical information:

Settings on the Marshall Head: Presence 0, Bass 0, mids 6, treble 4, volume 8

Settings on the guitar: treble volume: 9, tone: 6

Microphone placement:

One microphone on the left edge of the Celestion cone, the other one, slightly off center, on the right.

Microphone positioning, equalization, gear and performance will all dramatically add to your recorded and live work.


For questions, comments, critiques, suggestions, anything, please be welcome to post in the comments section below.


For your reference, I am adding here my previous performance videos of Free Bird solos, so that you can follow as you learn.

fb2 from SoloDallas on Vimeo.

fb2-720 from SoloDallas on Vimeo.

fb3-2 from SoloDallas on Vimeo.