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SoloDallas šŸ˜‰

Now brief details: I tried to recreate as much as possible the original ā€œtoneā€ of these lead guitars. Keep in mind that none of these were played with a Les Paul originally (on the album, nor live) but I wanted to re-use a Les Paul. Original guitars here were a Gibson Explorer Firebird (thanks GoingDownOnTheWay!) and an SG.

I wanted real PAFs (ā€™50s PAFs) for this one, so I went for my 1959 Lentz Conversion.

I used a 2204 (50W Marshall Head, Master Volume, the one on top) that I had bought a month ago and only arrived this morning. Also, Tshirts arrived this morning, so that was a sign for me. Had to do something with all this šŸ˜›

Settings for the head: presence 0, bass 0, middle 5, treble 5, master 2, pre amp 8; now itā€™s on the guitar that I kept volume at 9-ish and TONE at 6, to get that ā€œsqwakā€ that you hear when picking.

Cabinet here is the bottom one, the 1960B with vintage, 1977 G12Ms. Microphone is a Mojave MA-200, a ā€œcopyā€ of the great Neumann U67.

A ā€œtadā€ of equalization added, taking away some bass FREQs (still!) and adding a bit of 2k. Microphone positioned as on video, very close, attached to the cone.