Update: ‘nother little test. Made mistakes in microphone levels, it’s distorting oh well. Samson C01 still… no pro mic arrived yet. If you listen, now you’ll understand why I’m buying and what my secrets projects involve (records? Backing tracks? Tutorials and performances with this stuff? Answer is… yes to all of the above 😛 )

UPDATE: a little thing, a little “vintage” sound test. Does it sound… “vintage AC/DC” to you, too? 😛

(done with the same settings, except for preamp at 6, another ’69 SG and microphone pulled away circa 1cm)

Okay, couldn’t wait. Please do not expect too much, this isn’t a great capture of it yet. But I could fix to use the Samson C01 microphone – a USD 100 (circa) microphone.

Here it is to you:

(need a quicktime plugin in your browser).

The first take is a ’69 SG, one you never heard yet. Then it’ll stop with a phone call you can barely hear in the background. Then I’m switching to a ’71 SG and will do a couple different microphone attempts.

Amplifier settings are presence 6, bass 8, mids 4, treble 6 and pre-amp (gain) 8. Master volume is very low, I think 3.

Now onto some pictures of this recording:

Overall view

MIcrophone placing: I chose bottom, as it should/could emulate a non slanted cab. Position can be changed for several effects (this cabinet resonates like an acoustic guitar)

View of the two guitars used here,the one on the right is the first one heard at the beginning of the clip, until the first pause; then comes in the second one.

Right: 1969 Gibson SG Standard; Left: 1971 Gibson SG Standard

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