Little update as of Oct. the 19th 2010.

I am always experimenting as soon as I have a minute available, so I tried what follows.

Now, one thing that also intrigues me immensely is “Powerage” and LTBR tone. Both of them.

So I replayed rhythm and re-soloed this track trying to capture a bit of that spirit, although re-listening to this it sounds more Flick of the Switch-ish probably. Don’t know, can’t say. The delay I put on the solo guitar was meant to be more LTBR-ish.

Now, the interesting – maybe – thing is the fact that I think Angus on LTBR was “overloading” the input channel of his amplifier somehow. NOT with a distortion pedal, but more with pure “volume boost”, so basically a unit of some sort (might be already the Schaffer-Vega Diversity Systtem, that had a “boost” feature on the unit that would in fact “volume boost” the input signal). Might have been anything. So what I did, is to use a pedal I have (and will show to you) that has “volume boost” only, NO gain! No dirt here: just volume. It’s the same as the famous “Klon” pedal, which I also have and tried prior to this other one. But this one is a little more “colored” and I liked it more.

I used the lower input of my 2203 (the 100 watt Master Volume Lead) and blasted the volume of the pedal to overload the Marshall input signal. This is the result, both on the rhythm guitars and the solo.

A lot more has to be experimented here. The cabinet I used this time is a different one. Remember my reissue cabinet 1960B? Well, I always said it was loaded with V30s (Vintage 30s, 65 watts) but it wasn’t, fool me. It was reissues greenbacks! They’ve always been in there for all these years and I had no idea lol. So anyway I opened up the cabinet and loaded it with 1977 Rola (blackbacks) G12Ms (25 watts) from 197something. This is also what it sounds like 😀


I replayed the solo (dallas) thing, with a different guitar and slightly different settings. Wanted to grasp a little more vintage vibe and used the ’71 (I also replayed the bass line).

Also, I am about to start shooting tutorials again, so this is a little experiment with the camera (another one) the sync and so on. Seems it’s worked well.

Additionally, you know I tend to be as “transparent” as possible, because as I experiment and study further, I kind of “want to do it with you” and so here I am in all my goofy-ness.


I haven’t “mastered” the audio here, so this is what it sounds like right after bouncing it to the disk. The “mastering” process is additional sound editing that’s usually done by the record producers. There are a number of compression and equalization processes that are done. I usually use the plugin “iZiotope” to do it, but I was afraid that it wouldn’t sync with the video after further processing, and so I left it “as is”.

I think it resembles – intentionally – a bit of Let There Be Rock (soundwise) at times. It’s milliseconds of resemblance (laughs). Especially for the lead guitar, the way I dialed it in (intentionally).

This is an initial setup for further videos – I will use much better framing and positioning of the camera, I think it may work (what do you think). Naturally the tutorials will be more close up on the guitar.


Video missing for now, sorry…

In circa an hour time, you can do lots of things with this gear. You, me, all of us.

This has been played with the MV 100 watt. Great amp. Guitars all all the same, Angus Young Signature. So to test the things a bit together. Heh.

Recorded with the AT4047, close up, literally attached to the centre of the speaker.

Backing track (for you to mess with, exercise, practice: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!)

Is it AC/DC-ish? Oh I don’t know. You decide 😛

Let’s try this: LINK to the above file. Does it work (to download)?