Quick Message To All Rockers

‘morning all, you brothers.

I was answering a question of a dear friend this morning, and this is what I wrote him (email):

Okay listen carefully. It’s practice. And physical approach. But it’s easy (the method), nothing that needs a scientist. See how I move? It’s not for the pleasure of moving, nor because I like to dance. It really is because by moving, I will bop and bump my body in order to be able to physically do things. That is really all to it.
I force myself to do things, in a total blend of mental concentration and physical effort. Nothing else. And practice only makes it possible. Don’t sweat it. In the sense that, do NOT lose trust in yourself because you are not being able to do it. I am nothing special, I have no particular skills. I just tried and tried. At the end, the reward is immense.
Now onto your questions.
Question 1 – you HAVE to learn the parts perfectly. That is the basis of it. So, begin with the chords and their progression. It is sufficient that you learn one or two songs like they were built in you to let you quicken the process with new songs in the future. But you will have to have done the whole process of learning and knowiing at least one full song inside out. And the rhythm is always key. So learn those chords and the way your hands change position to get them properly. All the strings that need to be struck and heard will have to be heard. Practice that with your most favorite song of all times, and bring it out.
Stomp your feet, release your anger and or frustration on that song by moving while playing in order to FORCE YOUR BODY TO BOP WHILE YOU ROCK. I SAY AGAIN, I move only because I have to!
You will see how those chord progression will come out right, in time.
Question 2 – play the tempo you can master! It’s senseless to play stuff in a crap way but at the original tempo. You WILL get there, once you are comfortable with your own tempos. It will take time! Do NOT worry. Only time, practice.

Since I think it is worth for all to understand, I wanted to shout it out.
Love, Fil