Route 66 (John Mayer's Interpretation)

Sort of intermission between this and that. Since I had bought the original soundtrack for “Cars” for my son, this song had been framed in my mind and couldn’t get rid of it. i mean, this version of this song. John Mayer is an excellent guitarist and a superb performer.

He played it on a Stratocaster (or similar guitar with single coils) and I wanted to play it with single coils as well.

While his guitar seems to have much thicker strings, I just stayed with 09s. The only guitar I have here right now with single coils is my Gibson SG GT. If you pull the tone knob (push/pull) the humbucker will get into single coil mode.

So I did.

Also, I think this guitar sounds terrific. So much for vintage, no? This simply reinforces the statement I had already made several times that is, even recent Gibson production ( I think this guitar is a Gibson USA) is excellent when properly setup.

The amplifier for this was a JCM800 emulation on my Eleven Rack, specifically modified by me.

The solo(s) for this tune were something that had particularly impressed me. I loved John Mayer’s feel on them, I think he was heavily influenced by Stevie Ray Vaughan as the licks and bending style are typical SRV’s. That is one reason for I wanted to learn it note for note (and I did). But as usual, note for note is NOTHINGNESS without feel, so I strived for the feel as well and I think I got it.

Much easier to me than any Angus Young’s solo to tell you the truth. Angus’ solos kill me each time, to try and get them right.

The point with this song is also the one that, learning to play with AC/DC – because of their strict conception of timing and feel – you can play almost anything else, including this irresistible type of rock and roll.