Just a little service post: I am diligently filling in all of the “tags” (keywords). You will find the tags on the “tag cloud” (an automatically compiled list of keywords used on

You will see how it makes your searches easier. The Tag Cloud will appear on your left column while browsing contents. It’s one of the ways to make quick but powerful searches. An example of this is the “Back in Black Tone Project”, with a click many previous posts of the past days relating to our recent discoveries of Back in Black tone are summarized.

I’m not finished yet, I still have a lot of it to fill in . Another example is being able to search for songs, prompting you with both performances and tutorials related to a given song, which guitar was used and which amplifier, lots of info. This is also in answer to a rightfully posed requirement yesterday of “ease of search” on (besides the search field on the right column).

Thank you,

Fil 🙂