Okay, now that I warned you, you will watch – that is, if you want – a Pink (yes, Pink!) live concert from 2009, a Led Zeppelin’s cover though (still in classic rock territory).

That is, “Baby I’m gonna leave you”.

I promise you, it shouldn’t waste 5 minutes of your life.

Besides being impressed with Pink’s own voice skills – really am – the guitar player there impressed me. I like this guy: Justin Derrico.

Then, digging more into Mr. Derrico’s playing,

And playing Guitar Rig with Pink’s live band:

If you like him, his sound and style (you may, since it’s rooted into classic rock, evidently) please pay attention to his hands, he “shreds” but at the same time, this young player still has plenty of feeling and great timing. Now, if these were to be the new generation of guitar players, I’d be content and satisfied.

Enjoy, hopefully