SoloDallas Lab "Revamped"

Update: re-updated the situation here. Finally, my old (super old!) 1969 (date) 1960A with original and great sounding 25W GreenBack Celestions G12M (pre Rola) has been completely restored.

I am putting it on top of the 1971 1960B with G12H30. Little room will remain on top of these for multiple heads, and that breaks my heart lol.

However, these cabinets are all one needs to re-create the most addictive AC/DC (and classic rock) eras.

They do sound slightly different. Now I am beginning to believe that Back in Black – for example – was played with G12Ms and not G12H30s. However, it may be quite possible that combinations of those were used in different songs/albums.

To help you refresh your memory, this cabinet had been played – for example – in the whole Metro session:

1969 SG Standard, Metro JTM50 & 1969 Slanted Cabinet

and also, here:

1969 SG Custom, Metro JTM50 & 1969 Slanted Cabinet

and lastly (but there’s more, I’m simply posting samples from that session) the Korina SG.

Of note, the fact that the Korina having a stronger output pickup, it does drive quite well even on the weak JTM50:

1993 Korina, Metro JTM50 & 1969 Slanted Cabinet

You should be able to hear this cabinet as more crunchy, definitely more. Platt had even stated this (“… we preferred smaller speakers – 25W – as they crunched more easily….”).

There’s definitely a lot of old G12M in AC/DC recordings. Most likely, all the early era (including Let There Be Rock) is all played on G12Ms.

Supposedly, these pre Rola ones are the best ones out there. Will test them in more detail, with the microphone techniques I developed recently and A/B them against the G12H30s.

Also, I went back to storage place and brought back a few more things. A 20W Lead & Bass reissue head (that I’ll be selling, won’t use it) and a super weird 1966 4×12 smaller cabinet from the ’70s that was converted (prior to my purchase) in a 4×10. Will have to open it and check what speakers there are inside. But I am positive it’s 4×10 speakers, as I had opened it last summer to check what was in there. Sounds pretty good and it’s very light. I will likely use this with the 1987 reissue head on top with my new band 🙂


I’m always trying to improve my “life conditions here” (lol) so I finally added the plexiglass console that I designed myself (didn’t take much, will get no cookie from the designers awards for sure). It just had to have the right dimensions.

So I moved one rack of guitars forward, next to the amps, so to gain room for playing and tutoring. Feels cosy and practical.

Will turn into a usual mess within today.