Update (as of Aug, 14th 2010)

Justin (Justin Sandercoe, a GREAT Musician, Teacher, Promoter and Inspiring Gentleman – you can find him here) has informed me that he has resolved his dispute about his AC/DC videos. The dispute apparently was between J Albert – who caused me to go down with the third warning on my main account – and Sony. But maybe, not exactly like so. I really don’t understand these matters – yet – and I should refrain from commenting. Anyway, news is that my video “Getting the AC/DC tone” was resumed on his channel. Good news.

Justin took the time to write me a splendid email, where he forwards me his comments about me to J Albert productions. I didn’t think I deserved that much attention. God – if he exists – Bless You, Justin.

EDIT: NEWS (as of Aug 13th, 2010): Justin Sandercoe has been “attacked” by copyright owners on his AC/DC videos on YouTube, too. Interesting thing is, Justin had been ASKED by AC/DC to do that! He did that in collaboration with Sony.

So what hit me, is hitting everyone. My intuition is that there is a war between recording labels and publishers. It’s not on “us” mere players, it’s between them. It could be a rational explanation. I expect BIG things coming out of this.

So, many of you have been wondering, what is going to be on, what’s its direction, what…?

Here a few quick answers to update you:

– After the shutdown of my main YouTUbe account a few days ago, I have created another YouTube page here

Nice to see what some people are saying about me.

By the way, Thank You, Tim!

(I consider Tim my long distance Manager).

The plan is/was to make a “classic rock” community point of reference. I have high expectations and high ambitions. It will be free for all of us users. This will take time. I don’t expect it happening tomorrow. It took me years for my YouTube account to grow. It will be the same here. Quality contents and “humane” behavior are part of my trademark. Yup, that’s me. So don’t be in a hurry, ’cause I’m not. I’d rather grow slowly – if grow at all, which is a possibility now, with the world moving this fast – but provide reliable, qualitative contents.

YouTube has had an evident enforcement of copyright infringement regulations. Not their fault, don’t blame it on them. I don’t. I could blame it on the record labels/copyright institutions but then again, these guys have seen a lot of piracy going on. Evidently, they are at a status in which they can not tell – or they don’t intend to – the difference between who does stuff to even promote, show for good intents, teach etc. from who does it for other reasons. I wrote a Sony AC/DC Manager about it but I have been ignored.

My current/future tactic will be therefore to “announce” a new video on YouTube, playing only 8 seconds of it – to prevent copyright infringement – and link it to this place (, where it can be watched with popcorns and beer (or Fanta, like me, since I don’t drink alcohol) from your couch, comfortably and fully, with full info on the original recording and what I did with it. I am using another video sharing facility and until they jail me, I will keep on switching video sharing facilities. The video sharing facility site will be “transparent”, in the sense that I will not make you go there. I will embed the videos here, so that we can comment here, post here and keep everything here. The good thing is also that when they take a video down, I can simply change the link in the post and all our comments and info remain intact.

– future plans: I am uploading (as I speak) most of my older videos onto another video sharing site therefore they will be available here for all of you to recall the good old times of SoloDallas v. 1.0. Tutorials and performances. I also intend to redo everything from scratch – like I started doing with the “New Series”, both performances and TUTORIALS. Tutorials will be in high definition, balanced speech and guitar sound, made – hopefully better than in the past – more in depth for both beginners AND advanced.

– to be continued/updated