BLOG goes fully "mobile"

Well folks, here we are: we are now “fully” mobile. I have only tried it on a number of iPhones and on an iPad, and on all of them worked quite fine.

What you will see – if you want – on these smart phones/media devices is not a limited version of you will see the whole thing, all of the contents, displayed in the same manner (you’ll have to maximize a lot on smaller screens to read properly, but it’ll work).

The videos were to be optimized for smart devices. We in fact mainly have two sources for video here at, those being YouTube and Vimeo. I have processed all the new code for all the videos and so, from today on, you will be able to check what it is new on even “on the fly” if you want so.

I for one am using the iPad a lot more. And it’s really pleasing how it works. Videos can be even put in full screen with just a gesture of your touching hand, and it is really, really nice.

I can stretch forward if you let me, and I am about to say that we now are one of the famous “interactive” magazines that you can truly use on the iPad. And for free, which I guess it still is nice. Much had been stated about these “new, interactive magazines” and I think we are among the few that really brought this concept forward here at

I might seem to you like this is a stretchy statement: well, we have text articles with full HD color images, videos, user interaction and more. This is also why I never really wanted to call a “site”, because it isn’t. It also is a site, partially, but also a blog and in some form, yes it’s an online magazine.

These were some of the conceptual features that I had always kept in mind right from the start, and now – with pride – I am presenting it to you.


Fil 🙂

PS Android systems testers wanted! So please let us know if you Android users can see all the videos as well.

PS2: it has been observed by some that I have some resemblance to Mr. Harrison Ford. Which thing – he being my favourite actor of all times – fills me with joy.

This is being brought to you by brother member Radu (rpatzelt):