Thanks for Watching, Google.

Update (as of Aug, 17th 2010): bottom line was, Google is watching me because i asked them to (what a fool I was, delirium of attention of my behalf? – laughs hard)

Basically, google is always indexing my pages here. It’s a SEO thing (laughs again). I have Google Analytics on, and that’s all: they provide click stream analysis, poor things.

I was just talking to myself. Nothing to see here, move along, move along… 🙂

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Google is watching me. I have seen “Google” (not a member) logged in here very often and even for long periods of time. I can see the users that are logged in here, you know. At all times.

It might be just a bot, but if it is, I have to say it’s got a good taste. It selects good topics and videos!

Here, have fun. Hey Google, what are you watching me for? Oh well.

Whatever the reason, Google, let me tell you what I used to say back then: “Thanks, for Watching”!

PS: a picture is worth a million words, they say.

Update: How funny can this be? To Google: I don’t intend making a fool out of you. I respect you. But if I am being monitored and/or you wish to contact me, please write me at

Thank you,


(for fun, see the attached image below: it’s real!