The Knack – My Sharona (Studio version)

Now this one I hadn't seen for a while. It's one of my first videos. I still had my Studio, Studio58a. I had designed that studio myself, its colors and gear. Everything. Too bad Studios in Italy don't do well if you're honest. Anyway, it was played with a 1959 Les Paul Custom, a real one. Now sold (it had a few issues and weighed a ton. Unbearable. Good tone though :D ) and I think a Marshall head and an old cabinet (the red cabinet you see there I still have it; it's an original 1969 4x12 with original greenbacks). We miked it to show how you work in the studios. Good stuff. The quality is what it is. It was recorded poorly at the time and YouTube did the rest with the compression and re-encoding. You get the idea though. This was one of the first videos to go, in the sense of, being deleted, years ago by YouTube for copyright infringement. So it is a good thing that it's the first "old one" that I repost. I will repost almost all of them, especially the older ones. I hope you will be pleased. Yours, SoloDallas