This one is the guitar that came in this condition (click here)

“…yes, and I want the guitar to be mint you know… does it have any scratches?”

“Actually, it’s broken in two”

(but it’s CHEAP because of that)

So, I’m buying. This guitar came in fact broken in two. Been fixed in ONE day, now she’s back and a rocker. So much for the “mint/help me to remove this scratch” folks! 😆

Anyway. This one has a Di Marzio in the bridge position. And also, a micro switch, barely visible, that serves as a single/double coil splitter. Works for both bridge and neck PUs.

The guitar is NOT ’50s wired. I still need to rewire it (the Di Marzio was wired differently). Since the circuit is more complicated, it is taking me more time. You will see me after a minute or so into the video, tuning the guitar and rolling off the bridge pickup volume: pay attention to how the tone becomes muddy. ’50s wiring instead keeps the tone clear even when rolling off the volume.