Update as of Oct. the 15th 2010

So, we tried to implement a few new things and “improve” a few other things that were already there. How do you like it (if you can actually spot the differences)?

• PMs: (not Pre-Menstrual Syndrome) You now have Private Messages to write anyone on here. Just go to your profile page (HOW: if you are browsing, please go bottom of the page, right: Site Admin; if instead you just logged in, you will find it on the top right) and on the top, right side you should see “Messages”. The rest should be rather intuitive. EDIT please note: to say that these PMs work in an “advanced” state is like saying that Tiger Woods was a good husband. The PM system lacks many things still; won’t quote your original PM in the answerer’s reply; Will forget the recipient address when you are replying to a PM (LOL: you’ll have to re-type it; luckily, the recipient field is connected with the members database and will search for the members’ names). So PLEASE be patient. This is PM release v 1.2

• We changed a few more things, introducing the possibility for some of you to be “SoloDallas.Net Contributors“. Do I win anything? NO. Am I better than others? No. By being a Contributor, I am just someone who is enabled to write posts here. Posts that have to make sense; be on the whole subject of that is, articles about classic rock. That’s it. And posts that should have the ambition of having to be interesting ones 😛

Anyway. George (SGAce) is now a contributor already. If anyone else of you (Rob?) wants to be one, just ask!

• We made changes to the comments section. I still do not like the idea of a Forum too much. We debated it yesterday, but I was shown that it can easily be counterproductive for both the sake of and its users/friends. So we decide to make the comments better. Ideally, I think it would be splendid if – under any post written, now by you as a community, too via the “Contributor” mode, a mini, subject-oriented-forum is created each time. I noticed that most of you active members use it, and that’s good. I needed to make it more readable and we are not finished with it, but now it breathes more, more room for the comments. Remember, when you EDIT your comment, you’re given more options. Worth looking at it.

• MEMBERS VIDEOS Performances Section: it’s coming. It will be easy/automatic for any one to post inside the members videos performances section, as we are working to a sort of side box where one just adds the video link and then it goes automatically posted up there among the Performances. Like?

• Single Post Mode View: we tried to make better the reading/viewing experience here, so when you now click on a post to read it/view it, you no longer have the left column visible. It’s been given to the page width. Most of the things have been moved into the right column. This has improved the comments room. Like it? Hope so.

• Other minor invisible improvements. 😛

NEVER be afraid of asking for improvements.




Yep. Been thinking since day one.

Rob for example, had asked about the possibility to have PMs (private messages) among us users (see Rob, haven’t forgotten; tried to implement it myself but failed miserably).

I – ‘nother example – see the comments as a bit limiting for a “open, complete” full exchange among us.

Also I am thinking about the chance of letting you “post” things, but I feel I have to keep control of how this happens yet – until the community really goes on – but I am thinking anyhow to give most active members some kind of “superuser” “powers” (ROFL: I HATE administrators or moderators who feel they have “power” over others. To me, a moderator/administrator/owner is someone who REALLY is a moderate, balanced person in real life. There’s no power in shutting others down) to let them do tasks (what tasks? I have no idea yet!).

Just thinking you know. Because I am seeing some of you posting a ton of things – thank you again – and being into it.

Please “comment away” with ideas about your experience here and how you’d like to see it improved in terms of features (even DESIGN wise).

I was thinking about a forum, too. Maybe now there’s enough of us to enable a connected forum? Some sort of “comment this post” that opens up on a given post I put on and allows for better text indentation, images and video posting, … you know what I am talking about.

Thanks boys 😀



What you write/ask/demand/suggest here is going straight to my developer