Which is Which? ("Bad Boy Boogie" Content)


so, while trying this boost thing, I thought: why not start from the basics, just like Angus did: begin from the first instance where he used it in the studio (because I think he did, “solving” the “Mystery” of Let There Be Rock Angus’ tone). I did record “Bad Boy Boogie” twice, once with the 1959 (put the new tubes back in, it sounds too much better not to) and once with the 1987.

It’s a foolish test, it demonstrates nothing. But since I was trying both to see (hear) how they’d behave with this boost unit, it came in my mind to have you have a listen.

Please have a listen.

Boogie One

Boogie Two

Now tell me. I think without any doubt that a boost was used. And since, coincidentally, Angus had just got his Vega Diversity Unit, he recorded just with that, and at full blast at that.