Why do I do it?

One note I feel I have to add, and right now I feel it could finally be the right time, is “why I do it”. I have been asked that a few times, plus I now feel I developed my own philosophy for it.
I have been called an “Angus Clone” many times. A poser, Angus’ lost brother, etc.
Naturally, none of these is true. Or not my objective. My main intent seems to have always eluded some people’s understanding. To me, it’s simply like studying history. There, now you know it. If you don’t study history – in a interesting way – you will never know where humanity is at, nor where we may be headed. You don’t know. Instead, I wanted to be always educated on certain things. That’s why I study them as in depth as I can. AC/DC represent – for me – one of the cleanest forms of rock and roll. It’s not heavy metal and hardly hard rock to me. It has ventured probably in the latter, but that is a side of AC/DC I was never really into (the darker sounding side, … ). I am all for the shining, sunnier, lighter side of rock and roll. I do NOT like depressive music. Metal and all its derivatives give me the creeps.
My belief – finally I can express it clearly – is that by studying the style of a great rock artist to the bone you learn a lot. You start from there, then you go elsewhere if you want. I’ve read people telling me that I had to develop my own style. They never really understood that I was and I am developing my own style as I progress and study these few bands I am into (it may be that you would like to know what exactly is my style then: this video I think represents what I feel like playing when I just jam by myself). But I am a perfectionist, and I hear immediately the “hand” of a guitar player when I listen to them. I hear their vibrato and know exactly where they are at. I hear their phrasing and still figure out what they are thinking while playing, if they’re thinking of anything at all.
All of this was possible to me because of my approach to playing the guitar.
If you don’t study, study hard, you may sound like yourself – yes you may – but you may as well sound bad. The guitar, as a musical, stringed instrument, is a bitch. Now excuse my mouth 🙂
All of the great guitar players have had their hero or their influences and if you listen to them play and/or speak, they’ll tell you.
In this internet existence of mine, you will hear my guitar mentors as I try to learn their style and I will gladly listen to yours.

Enough for now, I think I made my point.

Thanks for the chance you gave me by reading this

Fil 🙂