LIMITED US STOCK SoloDallas® Solo71 "T-Top" Humbucker Pickup

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We normally ship these from Belgium, Northern Europe, but we have a few pickups in stock here in California. Buy now before they are gone.

Finally: THE definitive tone, instantly recognizable across the globe, now available without spending thousands of dollars on a pickup wound half a century ago. After years of being asked, "What pickups do you use?", after trying dozens of mass-produced and boutique pickups on the market over the past 25 years, after working with other alleged experts, we decided to undertake the mission of winding a world-class pickup that truly has the gorgeous clarity and articulation found in the definitive T-Top pickups of that golden era of music.

This is an obsessively authentic 1:1 clone of a set of T-Top pickups, circa 1968 to 1971. Fortunately, Fil SoloDallas has over two dozen of these fine vintage instruments in the SD studio, which we were able to use in exhaustive testing and analysis. We carefully sampled our best-sounding units, then proceeded to handmade prototypes. Only a few pickups sound correct if you want a particular type of sound: this is one of them. 

We can supply both bridge and neck pickups (a complete set) upon request, but the price refers to a single pickup. Pickup covers available are shiny, bare and aged nickel.

The proof is in the tone: no words can describe a true T-Top. Plug in and find out why. Hear what your guitar is really supposed to sound like.

  • 7.8kΩ DC Resistance
  • Short bar A5 Magnet
  • Carefully selected poly 42AWG wire
  • Authentic T-top tone
  • Braided output wire
  • Long mounting legs
  • Shiny nickel, bare nickel, aged nickel and chrome