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NOW AVAILABLE FOR ORDER: The NEW Optimized 2019 Storm

**In Production:  ALL new 2019 Storm units will ship by January 30, 2019**


The new Storm is the result of a 15-month optimization process: or sleekest, most evolved, most efficient pedal yet. A pedal for the working pro and the working man alike. Similar character as the original Storm, superior dynamic performance and durability, optimized for 9V and 15V.

Winner of August 2018 Guitar Player Magazine Chief Editor's Pick!Read the review here

Created initially as a 1:1 replica of the original Schaffer-Vega Diversity System audio circuitry, the SoloDallas Storm® is the latest evolution of our product line. Derived directly from our latest 2017 Schaffer Replica EX Tower, the Storm delivers the same full tonal character as its predecessor, the Schaffer Replica Pedal, in a more compact, powerful package of harmonic richness, updating and enhancing previous features while offering the ability to dial in high-end compression when the situation dictates.

The circuit is 100% analog and introduces an analog limiter derived from a previously unseen and very musical Opto-Isolator (vintage optical limiter), which is a very desirable form of audio signal compression. The compression circuit is controlled by the "Snap" knob in the middle of the Storm. These components, recently discovered in our latest reverse-engineering of the original Schaffer-Vega Diversity System TX10 Transmitter, endow your tone with extra sustain, touch sensitivity, note roundness, and a rich harmonic content. The Storm introduces a very powerful pre-amp, capable of delivering over 31db of clean boost. (Tested at 31.1 dB repeatedly, in both lab and studio conditions. Yes, we tested it against a Klon: contact us for more information in this particular regard.)

The Storm is hand-built deep in the mountains of Colorado by our SoloDallas team, using SMD components, in order to achieve a more compact product, while still retaining the same tone of the lauded EX Tower. True to our promise to airplane warriors and straphangers everywhere, the Storm is housed in a compact powder-coated 125B enclosure that fits on any board. The SD Storm also features updated 2017 circuitry update, which makes it even more dynamic & touch sensitive for the player. Incidentally, the circuitry is even more bulletproof, able to withstand the rigors of repeated gig abuse and dirty power. The Storm can be fully powered by a 9V battery, or any standard 9V center-negative 2.1 mm barrel power supply, found universally on power bricks and pedal boards.

You ask, we respond. The Schaffer tone & sustain can now finally fit onto your pedalboard along with all of your other favorite effects, modestly drawing 9V power, without any compromise in tone, noise floor, or boost potential. The Storm enhances your signal to the point that all of your effects will sound notably better; we stand behind this. Play on.

  • Vintage Limiter Design (SNAP)
  • 30db of clean boost;
  • Miniature SMD design for a compact pedal;
  • 100% analog;
  • Housed in a durable metal enclosure;
  • True-bypass;
  • Same knobs as the original SVDS;
  • Powered by 9v DC center-negative power supply or 9v battery (not included)
  • Proudly Made in USA.

NOTE: This is NOT a wireless unit.


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