SoloDallas® SDF63 "Solo'Tron"® Pickup


The SDF63 Solo'Tron® is our own, latest recreation of a great (probably the greatest of its type) sounding, early 1960's guitar pickup, as used by Malcolm Young of AC/DC (and countless other artists using Gretsch guitars of the era).

These pickups were reverse engineered from several original, Gretsch 1963 Filter'Tron® pickups, from the type of wire used to the magnets and much, much more, using the same materials and assembly type of the era. 

Comes with a slightly aged nickel finished cover.

NOTE: this product ships from Belgium, northern Europe.

  • 4kΩ DC Resistance 
  • Original thickness rough-cast Alnico 5 magnet
  • Carefully selected poly 42AWG wire
  • Slightly aged nickel cover

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